Zeven Design provides a vast array of graphic design services for both new and established businesses, including website design, print and publication design, brand identity design and motion graphic design.

Zeven Design was recently established by graphic designer Rikard Rodin, who came from California, USA, where he headed the creative department of an international organization for 2 years and served as lead designer for more than 6 years. With experience in all fields of design, printing (both offset and digital), internet marketing as well as motion graphics, he is in the unique position of providing an all-in-one design service. Starting with brand identity, to a website, print advertising, packaging and motion graphics all of your design needs can be filled by one design company.

Moreover, your design needs will be filled to professional standards, proven by more than 20 design awards, primarily for print publications and packaging products which have increased profits by upward of 400%.

As a family run design company, Zeven Design gives you the comfort of a small design firm with the quality and output of a top-tier professional advertising and marketing firm.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • All-in-one design services spanning every aspect of your design needs
  • Available on weekends and evenings
  • Award-winning design at affordable prices

Serviced Areas

  • West Sussex, Crawley, South London

Payment Options

  • Cash, Bank wire, PayPal

Contact Details

  City East Grinstead
  Postcode RH19 2SH
  Address 21 Twyhurst Court
  Phone Number 077 9252 3990

Products & Services

Website Design

We can create a new, basic website for your company, allowing you to establish an internet presence, garner new clients and display your services. The sites are created with HTML/CSS and Javascript. Additionally, we can tailor a Wordpress site for you, giving you the ability to update the content of the site yourself.

Advertising Design

Posters, magazine ads, newspaper ads, mailers, flyers, handouts and display booths all come under advertising design. With experience in every one of these, as well as a strong foundation in human relations, marketing and advertising, we are ready to do your advertising design.

Publication Deisgn

We have experience in brochure, catalog and magazine design. Further and a crucial asset to each of our designs is hands-on experience in both digital and traditional printing and finishing. Our repertoire ranges from the sublime art of interior book design to the commercial trade of catalog design.

Packaging Design

With more than 200 published covers and 20 design awards, this is our specialty. A cover is the face of any publication or package. Whether we like it or not, a book, album, DVD, brochure or magazine, is judged by its cover. Because of this, it is the most important aspect of the design and usually dictates many other aspects of the overall publication or package.

Photo Services

We provide an extensive list of photo services, from scanning to photo restoration and retouching. As a design company we treat each photograph as a piece of art. Our attention to detail and eye for colour and composition put us in a unique position to make your photos look great, no matter their current state.

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Customer Testimonials

In my experience with Rikard, he has been a positive, creative, and extremely hard working artist. His graphic designs are among the strongest I've seen; his sense of composition, color, and message are world class. His ability to translate my direction into tangible product has made for a tremendously prolific working relationship. I've met few graphic artists of Rikard's caliber and I'd recommend him without hesitation for even the most challenging tasks.

I have known Rikard in his professional capacity for about 5 years, and in that time I have seen many of his 200 major book covers and packaging designs. I have also seen many more of the concepts that didn't make it through review. I have been amazed at the breadth of Rikard's knowledge: from various illustration styles that he can quickly replicate; to 3D renderings with extensive Photoshop work; to stunning combinations of type and photography. To top it all off, I've seen that he has performed many of these spectacular works in the shortest of timeframes with enormous pressures, all calmly and with no drama. He is an artist and a professional and a nice guy, too.

Rikard (Zeven Design) is the ultimate professional. He took care of us and helped us, but he managed to do this without making us relative newbies feel stupid. It was a delight working with him. We felt very lucky to have such a brilliant person help us with our project. I would recommend him highly and indeed I already have several times.

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From Our Website

There are a lot of awesome inspiration sites out there. And a lot of great tutorial sites. This one is neither of those things, although you'll find some inspiration and some tutorials here. But mostly, you'll find articles on the fundamentals of design. Color harmony, composition, typography, grids, templates-these are the things that you have to learn regardless of what software you use, what style you prefer or what client you have. I'm currently the sole author of the site. I've been a designer for more than 15 years.