Before introducing my specialty services, I put forth the list of my esteemed clients and brands I have worked for - Audi, Bentley, Bridon International, Equatel, Glorious Foods, Jaguar, Land Rover, Maserati, MG, Peel Group Robin Hood Airport Doncaster, Work Creative, Samsung, Vizuality and many other companies! All these Corporate, with whom I am dealing need no introduction from my side!

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • 3D Graphics
  • 3D Animation
  • Product Visualisation
  • Architectural Visualisation
  • Architectural Rendering
  • Rendering

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  Person Tom Dent
  City Doncaster
  Postcode DN17 4TE
  Address 2 Fox Court Brewery Rd Crowle
  Phone Number 01724 710679
  Mobile 07739394040

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Tom Dent

3D Artist

Let me take this as an opportunity to introduce me and my services, which will change the entire perspective of the way you present your product for marketing!

Over the past seven years I have worked on projects ranging from furry monsters to high end automotive visualisation for car configurators. Providing clients with CGI work for above and below the line.

Products & Services

Animation and Motion Graphics

Animation and Motion Graphics

I. The futuristic way to explain your product, brand or website by making high quality Explainer Videos short but very effective and about 1-3 minutes duration!
ii. Animated Fly-through of Commercial or Residential buildings.
iii. Mechanical Animations Showing x-ray view or an exploded view of any interiors. Also I can animate the entire working of the machines!
iv. Abstract Fly-through A 3D camera where any space showing numbers, keywords or any particular graphics.
v. Automotive Animation The interior or exteriors of any automobile, the appearance and functionality of the functions can be done in the form of effective animation.
vi. A 3D explainer video The most futuristic method of demonstrating the actual procedure or any product works.
vii. Product Animation - Create animation tour of your product or 360 turntable.
viii. Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) Unique animation of 3D logos and other contributions to printed media, films, programs, commercials, videos and simulators!

Stylised - None Realistic Imagery

Stylised - None Realistic Imagery

I. Infographics It is well said that an infographic is worth more than a thousand words! I can create a perfect visual representation of chart, diagram or any other required data.
ii. X-Ray images of the product, the interiors of any vehicle or product which can be very easily followed by the viewer and is very attractive and effective.
iii. Conceptual Imagery I can deliver you one single image giving various concepts to be conveyed in various forms either toons or real references.
iv. Different Styles The input required will be only the references where in any style as per your desire can be created from Cartoon to Photorealistic!
v. I can create very effectively small worlds and various types of characters

Photorealistic Imagery

Photorealistic Imagery

I. Architectural Incredible Imagery
a. Sketch-up models or drawings into fantastic photorealistic 3D buildings in its environment. Also very impressive 3D Floor Plans can be drawn!
b. Animated Fly-through ( (In Virtual Reality moving objects through defined path) The phases of building development till completion.
c. I can visualize with respect to Housing development before its construction and a perfect imagery can be worked out!
d. Photorealistic interiors and room sets.
e. Photomontage using CGI building superimposed into photography.

ii. Marketing Imagery
a. 3D Kiosks, Interiors, Exhibition stands, Sketch up, any kind of reference imagery or Exterior Facades can be created.
b. Promotional Media Kits.
c. Libraries for sales tools

iii. Creating very impressive 3D models, of your product from technical specification.

iv. I can give you a perfect image of your product, which you are planning to launch!

v. Other Imagery 3D logos and Icons

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From Our Website

Tom Dent specialises in providing expert 2D & 3D Animation, VFX, CGI and Interactive content. Working with the biggest brands across multiple sectors. Providing product animations, animated commercials, motion graphics, Room Set CGI, Architectural fly-through animation, Automotive, Retail, character animation, Creative retouching, visual effects, visualisation, interactive WebGl content, Product configurators, 2d stylized animation and much more! Maybe you fancy 100 feet tall letters made of gold, emeralds and diamonds or a giant robot if that's not enough for you lets create visual effects display with electricity, fire, smoke and ice!

What better way to show off your Electric Charging station than ultrarealistic product 3D illustration. Your cad data can be taken to the next level we can provide high-quality illustrations from a single cad data set, don't worry if you do not have cad data this is not an issue we can 3D model the product from 2D technical drawings, references etc. If you have a large display on your charging station similar to the volta example the on-screen graphics can also be animated in a way that demonstrates how the menus work.

The process of creative imagery starts with the client's sketches, mood boards, storyboards and any other reference they can provide. You can never supply too many references. Once the brief is established an initial layout of the animation or image is created, we call this animatic for animation or chalks for images. After the signing of the chalk or animation, the materials and lighting begin adding the desired level of detail. Once the lighting is signed off and approved a final image will be rendered, retouched and supplied.

It is possible to match any natural light setup at any time of day or year and in any location in the world or studio lighting. I can produce all styles, moods and themes for your visualisation, for example, watercolour effects, sketch effects, x-ray, realism, full-colour 2D plan elevation details. The showreel contains a mixture of rendered animation and realtime architectural visualisation created within a game engine. There are many advantages to creating architectural animation within a game, for example, faster turn around, create longer animations and a large pack of images if required.

Promote new ideas, or products save time and money explaining complicated medical procedures using animations with a voiceover. This method works exceptionally well with an audience with a non-technical background or education. All that's required is a sketch, a mood board, plan or storyboard. So maybe 100 feet tall letters made of gold, emeralds and diamonds take your fancy or a giant robot if that's not enough for you lets create visual effects display with electricity, fire, smoke and ice! All that's requires is a mockup to start the process.

Involved with businesses of all sizes helping them create the most user-friendly and immersive content with over 15 years of experience. Products and service no longer require pages of words to explain to them a short animation can provide this information and more under a minute. For more practical situations interactive 3d experiences can provide the desired experience to train or explain a procedure. Designing based on user experience rather than expectations will create a platform for your business to increase sales and user engagement.