A graphic design house that offers stunning designs that are cost effective, high quality and delivered on time. Whether you are looking for a corporate identity and branding shake up, need a new direction for your advertising campaign or need wedding stationary for the big day, at The Logic of Eight you are guaranteed to find designers who know how to make a good design a great one while keeping you the client informed and in the light.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Packaging
  • Advertising
  • Branding
  • Brochures
  • Point of Sale material
  • Visual graphics
  • Corporate identity and branding
  • Illustrations
  • Image manipulation
  • Illustration

Serviced Areas

  • United Kingdom

Contact Details

  City Glasgow
  Postcode G44 3BB
  Address 34 Rhannan Road
  Phone Number 0141 297 1988

Products & Services

Branding Identity

A brand is everything from your stationery and your web site to the signature you leave at the bottom of your email. The Logic of Eight has worked on quite a few branding projects over the years, from start up companies to rebranding businesses, we take them from initial consultation to concepts to final design. We don't stop at just doing the design either, we can also sort out all the printing and implementation to make your life a little bit easier and generally increase the effectiveness of your brand as a sales tool.

Web Design & SEO

In today's competitive market being on the world wide web is a must. But with so many options, so many features, where to begin? Do you want a simple yet effective 'brochure' web site? Do you want to be able to manage the content and upload your own images as and when you want (it's called Content Management System or CMS for short) ? Or are you after an e-commerce web site with shopping cart, blogs, forums and more?
And once you have figured that one out. You have to think about Search Engine Rankings and how your website will display on tablets and smart phones. It can make you dizzy just thinking about it.

Brochure Design

Brochures and catalogues are a great way to make a first impression, to leave a lasting impression and to get that all important sale. Brochure design is one of The Logic of Eights specialties in the world of Graphic Design. We do brochure and catalogue design work for companies in Glasgow and throughout the UK. We believe in offering customers high quality brochure designs at a price structure that makes sense. We work on a 'design + pages fee' so you always know how much you will be paying for your brochure or catalogue design and printing.
We can advise and arrange everything from the size of the brochure to the number of pages need, sourcing images and creating graphic design illustrations for the content of your catalogue and of course the printing.

Packaging Design

Whether its food packaging, drinks packaging, clothes packaging or product packaging we have seen it all. Working with printers across the globe on design and print types to ensure that our customers products really stand out on the shelves and reflect the true quality of the product.

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From Our Website

Founded in 2009 and based in Glasgow, Scotland; The Logic of Eight has been steadily building up a reputation for producing innovative and highly creative visual sales and marketing based design work across all areas of digital media. Our business model is based on the principle of doing good work so that customers come back to us again and again. So far it has worked with over 90% of our business being generated from happy client referrals. Our combination of design quality and pricing has seen us build a client list ranging from the 'kitchen table' sole trader right up to international corporations.

From branding to advertising, image manipulation to illustrations. We do web sites ranging from brochure style CMS sites to full on E-Commerce sites that sell to consumers around the world. We do label design for the drinks trade and we do vehicle vinyl for anyone with a commercial vehicle. We can create sales reports for financial firms, holiday brochures for tourist agencies and Facebook and Twitter background designs for those who want to push their business on social media. We work with a select few printers to ensure everything we design is printed to the highest standard, ensuring your project is dealt with from start to finish in the best manner.

As you might have guessed, we are fairly creative - it's our job after all. But when it comes to advertising, it is not just about looking good, it's about sales generation. The primary objective of an advertisement is to get you noticed, to get the message across and to generate new sales whether you are a business start-up or an established name. The key to an effective advertising campaign is consistency. Not just from your brand identity but also in the message you wish to portray. At The Logic of Eight, we can deliver a range of advertising design work in both print and web media from press or magazine advertising to a banner advert for a web site and even an email marketing campaign.

A picture can tell a thousand words - An illustration can save you having to say a thousand. Rather than bore potential customers with endless text and diagrams, why not introduce illustrations and infographics?

The Logic of Eight offer a wide variety of graphic design services ranging from flyers and catalogues to exhibition graphics and anything else that can be printed or digitally created. Long story short, we pretty much do everything in graphic design. We can undertake long term graphic design solutions as well as one off projects so whether you are having a product launch and need all the bells and whistles that go with it or your simply need a one off pop up banner stand, we are here to help. Different companies have different requirements so the easiest thing to do is pick up the phone and give us a call.

We cover so many design sectors that it is really hard to try and show everything off in one portfolio. If you are on this page it is because you are needing a design service and you are wanting to see if we are good enough. We can answer that question right now - we are! If you are looking at getting a new brochure designed, give us a call, we can chat to you about it and send you some directly comparible examples that you can have a look at in more detail. If you are looking at a branding project, again get in touch - communication is key.

Branding your business can be one of the most important decisions you will ever make. It is the invisible hand shake to every business proposal and will govern how your company is perceived through all print and web based sales and marketing media. Now just to clarify, there is a difference between a logo and a brand. Your logo does not mean you have a brand, it means you have a symbol that represents your company. A brand is everything from your stationery and your web site to the signature you leave at the bottom of your email.