For over two years, Site7 has offered web design services to customers in Eastbourne, Brighton, Chester and throughout the UK. We specialise in creating and promoting world-class websites, web hosting, e-commerce solutions, online software, and professional copywriting services for websites.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
All our web designs are unique and built around what you need, hence, rest assured every design is created with dedication and care to ensure your full satisfaction.

Unlimited Design Revision
Unlike most web development agencies in London, our web development agency doesn't charge for initial design changes on the look and feel of the website until we get it right; we will work with you to understand your exact requirements and deliver exactly what you need regardless of how many changes we take to achieve that.

SEO Friendly Design
Even though many off-page factors contribute to search engine rankings, it is essential to design any website in a search engine friendly manner, so that it has a better chance of natural visibility through search engines. Hence, our designs are made from table-less structures, conform to W3 standards and contain essential keyword titles.

Bespoke & Template Web design
We can offer template design or websites made from scratch to match your expectations and requirements. Basically, tailor-made for your requirements.

Site7 are accountable for designing a site to satisfy you and as a result, our clients have all ended up with a website they love and which represents their business the way they want it to be seen.

Your best bet is to do a little research yourself. Google some businesses similar to yours, or simply find other sites or designs you like, and then we can start zeroing in on a great design for you from there. Another good starting place for colour scheme or feel is your pre-existing logo.

Do you have favourite colours? Do you want a corporate look, a casual look, modern or old fashioned? Do you like sparse and elegant, or are you into dense and action-packed? You can give us any ideas you want, or if you have no preferences, we're good at just talking to you and getting a feel for you and your business, and we'll take it from there.

From the creation of a complex e-commerce website to the development of a CMS-based website, we are equally well versed with every minute aspect. This has given us a competitive edge over our competitors.

Simply meeting the requirements of our clients is not our aim. Rather, we aim at exceeding the expectation of our clients. Right from the development of a completely new application, to the introduction of minor changes in an existing application, we are doing all we can to offer tailor-made solutions for our clients.

Serviced Areas

  • Uk wide

Payment Options

  • Cash, BACS, Credit Card

Contact Details

  City Eastbourne
  Postcode BN23 8HS
  Address 15 langdale Close
  Phone Number 084 3289 5753

Products & Services

Web Design

Site7 provide web design services to suit every budget and business type. We can provide a complete web design solution for your business within your budget - whether you need a self-managed website, an online shopping store or just a basic web design, we have the right website design solution for your business.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design forms the foundation for your marketing. Creative communication touches others to communicate a message about you and your business. Smart, insightful graphic design can evoke feelings and is an essential interface between individuals and the marketplace.

Print Design

Every aspect of your identity, from your brochure to an envelope, becomes a feature of your public face. Site7 has a pedigree in print-based design work, and we will ensure that the signature your printed collateral leaves behind is an impressionable one. We understand the effects of different formats, methods and special techniques. We can work within your budget and make suggestions to increase the impact of the piece and how it inter-relates with the rest of your marketing suite. Our prices for print are arranged to suit all budgets. However, a rough guide has been given below. Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your print requirements.

SEO Optimisation

Our organic search engine optimisation ensures a high return on investment by achieving maximum visibility within major search engines including Google, MSN and Yahoo! Search. If your website isn't getting as many visitors as you'd like, or if you're not reaching the levels you think you should be, search engine optimisation and e-marketing may be something you need to bring a larger audience to your site. Search engines often turn a blind eye to what you might assume are some of the web's most attractive pages. Just think of the tools many designers use to make web pages exciting. Great illustrations, stunning photos, animation and sweet music. Chuck them all onto your page and the world's most important web spiders might well crawl right past.

Facebook Landing Pages

If you've come across companies using Facebook business pages, you've probably wondered how to get one for your business. A Facebook business page is a fantastic tool for marketing your business because it places your brand in the middle of the world's most popular social network. It'll help your business connect and engage with customers, meet new ones and will help spread your business message via their friends network. Similar to a personal profile page, you'll be able to post status updates on the Wall: company information, links to websites, pages and blogs, pictures and videos, ask questions via discussions and announce events. It doesn't take long to set up a new Facebook Business page and you'll get a wall, info, discussions and review tabs.