I am Simon Evans, a Freelance Graphic Designer based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, with over 25 years of professional design experience.

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  City Sheffield
  Phone Number 0114 2304099
  Mobile 07595 352846

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Awesome. Please watch it https://t.co/9FKUX7bSZo
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@Baddiel Oh shit your right! Ha
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@TheIndGroup Im truly apologetic if this is a. A stupid comment or b. Already common knowledge - but it must surel https://t.co/dgQn8RUBXC
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@heidiallen75 @TheIndGroup Im at such despair with the atmosphere and media (especially BBC who we PAY for their s https://t.co/hsepyd519D
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@aardvarknsefce Hmmm, that was a pen Andy. Agreed Sadio made sure we got it
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@henrywinter @FA English refs: Just be honest about it, throw your whistles away, and play for City as an extra str https://t.co/kAhrEgo0zo
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From Our Website

A website for a client who offers outdoor "Boot Camp" fitness sessions and bespoke personal fitness/diet packages. Becky wanted a new clean, maybe 'stylish' logo/identity as a starting point - which could then be applied to a crisp, clean and spacious simple website. As part of the development of the brand for Psynergy Mental Health I was asked to develop concepts for a suite of Campaign Posters that would hopefully be based around a common theme. Drawing on my own personal experiences and those of others, I was very aware of how negative mental health issues can steal hours, days, months and even years off an individual, as well as money, confidence and the ability to carry out the simplest of tasks in some cases.

Thank you for taking a few brief minutes to browse through a selection of my work. I've also included a few comments along the way to help shine a little light on what you see. Naturally, if you find I can be of any service to you in the future, don't hesitate to contact me and I'll be pleased to hear from you. As you can appreciate, as a freelance designer, there are many pieces of work I unfortunately cannot show here as they were undertaken under subcontract for other design agencies for their clients - and thus I have to defer to my clients wish for the confidentiality of the work.