Richard Baird is a freelance brand, graphic and packaging designer based in Nottingham, UK.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Branding, packaging, logo, graphic design

Contact Details

  City Nottingham
  Postcode NG7 6AA
  Address 3 Sophie Road
  Phone Number 079 3113 1587

Social Activity

New A proposal to Arpa Editores by @FolchStudioTw
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New Packaging Coconut Milk by Grinning Face. Packaging by Leo Burnett, Toronto
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New Graphic Identity for Mokum by @SavvyStudio
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@tom__rogers @LogoArchive Top down and a couple of hero shots from angles.
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Looking for someone to shoot the next @logoarchive zine. Any suggestions? Black background, will probably need glass to keep it flat etc.
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@jennytheolin The stripes of @JRS_London have a nice story behind them, and been used to create some interesting pi
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Just dodged a front cover typo. Phew!
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To mark World Book Day Design Week asked graphic designers about the covers from 2018 that they think epitomised great print design. I offered my thoughts on Zak Group’s work for Fredrik Værslev as I Imagine Him.
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From Our Website

I am a British freelance designer and writer interested in modernism, reductionism, functionality, practicality and rational thought. I believe that good design emerges from a confident restraint, communicative clarity, contrast and duality, a rejection of the superfluous and an appropriate use of material and finish. I offer a tangible and affordable approach to logo and brand identity design services internationally. This approach mixes observation, strategy, written analysis and execution drawn from the experience of reviewing work for BP&O and eleven years of self-employment.