Proud Designs is a Graphic Design company dedicated to creating professionally designed logo, print and web designs. Our web designs primarily consist of customized WordPress themes and web banners - please visit our site for examples of previous web design clients.

Our range of print design services include flyers (all sizes), posters, leaflets, brochures, prospectus folders, letterheads, business cards and much more. Our logo designs are consistently current and creative, which is the direct outcome of relentless research into the world of Web 2.0 and offline business logos - specifically looking at what designs are the most popular (fortune 500's), and which are the best at communicating the intended message.

As a freelance design company we pride ourselves in listening very carefully to our customers, and working very hard to build strong relationships with our clients, because we feel that once a solid relationship has been established, both us and our clients will have built a sense of trust, which makes for a much better outcome for any given project.

We like to have a very clear idea of our client's goals and intentions before actually starting each project, and therefore, as a company, we see the initial meet and brief as a crucial (and largely over-looked by many) part of the design process.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Free quotes (enquire on website).
  • Quick to respond to emails - typically within 12-24 hourse depending on time zones etc.
  • Dedicated to building strong relationships and trust with clients.
  • Specialising in WordPress theme design and customization - the cutting edge CMS platform

Serviced Areas

  • Worldwide

Payment Options

  • Cash, Bank Transfer, PayPal (all large credit cards), Cheque

Contact Details

  City Cranleigh
  Postcode GU6 7EL
  Address 1 Taylors Crescent
  Phone Number 079 8864 8335

Customer Testimonials

"Luke's innovative and well thought out designs and features exceeded our expectations and we've had great feedback Ė If you are looking for a consummate design professional who never backs down from a challenge, Luke's your guy!"

"I had Luke design a new logo and header for my newest blog and it was nothing short of fantastic. Luke is a very creative guy. With very little input from me he came up with several fantastic options."

"Luke did you do the design for Blogtrepreneur? Wow, I wanted to make a comment on that because I think that, I really appreciate good design and this is definitely one of the best ones, if not THE best designs that I've seen. So hats off man, hats off!"

"I was in contact with a very well-known Blog Designing Company some time ago before I got in contact with you and I didnít go with them - I think they were overpriced and the work I have seen from them seemed like standard blog templates. I am really pleased with the price, the design, and especially the way you've handled things."

"Oh, it [Blogtrepreneur] looks beautiful. I saw it and I was blown away by it. It was very, very nice. I like how the articles read. I think it's a beautiful site. I think that you find a lot of entrepreneurs are very particular, they may not know how to do a website design."