Web Design
Our winning web design formula is about business, and developing websites that rapidly positions you at the top of the search engines, win traffic, convert visitors and generate a fast return on investment.

The business is out there…win it with Onit!

SEO Agency
Search Engine Optimisation can help your business to grow. Our 100% record of achieving page 1 placements in Google has generated huge increases in traffic, enquiries, conversions and profits for our customers.

SEO isn’t rocket science…but it could launch your business!

Social Media
Communicate at the same level as global giants, interact, engage, get up close and personal, speaking directly to your customers in a language they understand…or you could let the social media savvy team at Onit do it for you!

Dig it, tweet it, like it or loath it…it’s time to go social!

Pay Per Click
What’s not to love? Instant visibility, total control of your budget, pay on performance, targeted and controlled ads…need we go on? We can help to increase your businesses online exposure and reach the customer base you need to succeed.

Get it right first time…use a team that get’s results every time!

Serviced Areas

  • Newcastle, North Tyneside, Gateshead.

Payment Options

  • Financing Available, PayPal, Personal Checks

Contact Details

  City Newcastle upon Tyne
  Postcode NE6 5HL
  Address 104 Heaton Road
  Phone Number 0191 209 0398

Products & Services

Web Design

Making your website hit all the right notes can be a difficult path to tread for any business owner looking to make a splash in their respective industries. Our creative web design team go above and beyond the conventional to hit those sweet spots, and satisfy the customers that matter to your brand.
We’re not just a pretty face, the functionality, engagement and usability of our loving crafted websites ensure you have everything you need to make your audience click.


No matter what industry you’re in, how your public sees you will play a big part in determining your success. To succeed you need to create a strong brand that people will recognise and come to associate with the core values of your business. Put simply, you need to hit your customers right between the eyes with a brand they’ll never forget.


It’s not enough just to have a web presence. You need to be at the top of your game all day, every day. If your website is languishing way down in P-Nowhere on Google’s search results, what are the chances that people will find your site, let alone become customers? The key to your success is to reach for the top and propel your site into a position where it can’t be missed.

Social Media Marketing

One of the great things about social media marketing is that it allows even small firms to communicate at the same level as global giants. Through social media you can spread your brand message, and speak directly to your customers in a language they understand. You can ‘keep it real’ and make a far more personal connection via social media than you can just shouting your wares at them like a virtual barrow boy on a bog-standard website.

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