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A top designer with a lot of experience who is very approachable and a great person to be around. Jake would work well as part of any project team; he is responsive, has a clear direction and an excellently dry wit to boot.

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New regional press advertising for @urbanmythlondon... See the whole picture. #design #advertisng #kitchens #press https://t.co/VEw79o7MQ4
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our new social banner #design #good #idea https://t.co/mQMPXkd3D4 https://t.co/fUoP0qvoOc
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Radio advertising is still part of the marketing mix #radio #production #scriptwriting #branding #advertising https://www.msdc.co.uk/blog/Radio-Commercials-Scripts
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Design and branding for all the unicorns! Let make them real!
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From start-up to established business - we create effective brands - take a look. https://www.msdc.co.uk/portfolio-details/branding/ #branding #design #agency
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We have been busy building some lovely interfaces for mobile applications... but we can't show you anything! duh! #business #interfacing #uix #branding #design https://www.msdc.co.uk/blog/user-interface-design
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How to generate ideas read our post https://www.msdc.co.uk/blog/top-five-tips-to-stop-creative-block-and-create-great-ideas #toptips #ideas #design #top5
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From Our Website

The brochure reflects the themes of clarity and simplicity, with abstract photographic images, a throw out 4 page section detailing all the product solutions. The feeling of quality is further enhanced with the use of translucent end papers and covers embossed on GF Smith Plike. Fine line diagrams are used in conjuntion with stripped down graphs and charts adding to the clear and modern styling. The brochure slides effortlessly into an embossed slipcase. The importance of handing over a physical brochure may seem out moded in our modern internet age but there is nothing more impressive.

Partnering with SWARM to support their vision for a state of the art marketing suite for SEGRO in Slough. The suite takes you on a tour of the business success stories and major events in Slough that are linked to SEGRO and the benefits of establishing your business at the IQ site. The suite includes the history of MARS, and display areas for O2 and Blackberry, also the story of the development of the LeMans winning Ford GT which includes a peppers ghost and the recreation of a modellers desk at the studios for the production of the TV show Thunderbirds.

David Carter is launching his own TV show "Learning from Leaders". It will feature in depth interviews with some of the worlds most talented and influential leaders. To support his endeavour we designed a website to help people learn more and nominated the guests. It also features a teaser showreel of the up coming series.

We have worked with Anvest Partners to develop their branding. A major new player in property investment in Europe. The brand had to illustrate the diversity of the portfolio and the experience and expertise inherent in the business. A short feature video of the headline facts was backed up with a more detailed presentation. All culminate in a high quality offer to help attract partners and investors to the new opportunity.

Your branding is not only your unique mark that helps set you apart from your competitors and helps customers recognise your business and its values, but the tone of voice the language you use and the stories you tell. It guides creative strategies and influences marketing decisions.

MOE stands for the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and the MOE Foundation is a philanthropic organisation that was set up to inspire successful business people to focus their expertise to 'make a difference' and help and support young people in need. Currently they are using coaching and mentoring to help young people out of poverty in the UK, Africa and India. As the creative team that collaborated to design the branding and deliver the MOE launch event, MSDC created and developed a graphic identity that is clean, fun and welcoming.