We believe the best proof of a design company's abilities is happy clients. Ours benefit not only from our skill set, but also from our approach. By working honestly and openly with our clients, we build long-lasting and successful business relationships that help them achieve their objectives. We're passionate about meaningful design, and how it can help businesses develop and grow. And we work with some of the best organisations in the country.

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A brand is far more than a logo, colour scheme and a few nice images. It's how an organisation represents itself to the outside world in everything it says and does. My clients understand this. Each one of them is different. They have strong, distinctive brands which they cherish. They work in different fields, in different parts of the country and in different markets. They have loyal customers. They're considered to be among the best in their fields and, above all, they are fulfilling their ambitions.

Tim does "grown up" work. He takes a mature approach to a brief, teasing out the nuances of product, customer, market, desired response and then returns a measured, proportionate, holistic piece of work that is utterly focussed on the target results. He gets under your skin, lives and breathes your brand, and his work is therefore in harmony with the brand even if it's new and exciting. His talent is in subtleties that deliver results. And his immense practical experience is a great bonus. When all is said though, investing in good design makes sense when it makes a difference.

Cognitive dissonance is the theory that suggests we all have an inner desire to hold our attitudes and beliefs in harmony. It's a state of psychological tension caused by a disparity between what one expects and what one experiences. It's a common problem. If a potential customer misunderstands what you do, or detects an inconsistency between what you say you do and what they think you do, they will invariably take the easy route and look for someone else. The goods and services you provide are excellent and you deliver them to the very best of your ability.

In my opinion an authentic brand, just like a piece of good design, is created from the inside out. By that I mean if a product (or website, brochure or exhibition stand) is well-conceived and properly constructed, it invariably has a functionality, look and feel that surpasses its competitors. The same is true of a brand: if the business behind it is founded on solid principles, and its products or services are fundamentally good, those qualities can become irresistible to its customers. When handled with care and skill, design and branding are compelling forces that demonstrate everything that is good, and true, about you and your business.