With over ten years experience, a crowd of happy customers from Brighton, London & The Midlands, and the technical & creative skills to back it all up, we have the confidence to deliver striking, effective and cost efficient visuals to help meet your business objectives.

Our design, web and marketing work always serves a purpose - its about the message, the objectives and , ultimately, your bottom line.

If you have a brief, then call us on 07894 946 950 or Email us - rick@looktouchfeel.co.uk

Serviced Areas

  • Brighton, London, Midlands and Manchester

Contact Details

  City Towcester
  Phone Number 01327 828 443

Customer Testimonials

I can’t say enough good things about LTF. I am actually in the US and am using them for a huge website / database project and was a little nervous about the time zone difference. But I am so happy we chose them. Their expertise is unparalleled and they are a joy to work with. I never thought I’d say this but I actually look forward to our meetings (both in terms of learning so much as well as how fun they are to work with). Would recommend them without hesitation.

I have been engaged with Rick and the team at Look, Touch, Feel for a couple of years. Over time, Rick has steered my marketing strategy from disjointed and haphazard to direct, focused and professional. Rick and the team at LTF have guided me through a complete redesign of my online presence across both web and social media. The styling and professional approach they created has really moved the needle for Percipience. I cannot recommend them more highly.

I've had the pleasure of working with the LTF team for several years now both while working for a cosmetic surgery company and for my own business as a Makeup Artist.

I have always found both Rick and his team to be highly efficient, engaged and responsive and all the projects we have worked together on have exceeded my expectations on all levels.

The build, functionality and design of my personal website is excellent and the team have always been on hand to support me with any technical questions I have had.

I have had no hesitation in recommending LTF to anyone who is looking to take their branding, digital marketing and design to the next level and best of all, they are really lovely to work with.

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Happy Halloween everyone! #Halloween #DigitalMarketing https://t.co/I0apbIdvpJ
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@TriForceTokens Announces Blockchain Development for Gaming Evolution https://t.co/SFiYGDLEBu #blockchain #gaming
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LTF Director Saffron Small is cycling to Belgium and back to raise money for a very important cause - The Hope Centre in Northampton - who are helping people ON YOUR DOOR STEP that are suffering from the most acute problems of disadvantage, exclusion
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Welcome back to "nearly back to school" week ;0)
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Ladies and gentlemen, please join us in offering our congratulations to our wonderful Matt and his lovely wife Kerry on the birth of their son Arthur! We're super proud of you!
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We're excited to say that we have DOUBLED conversions on our client's mobile site!
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Thank you to the folks at PRMS Ltd for spreading the news about our little competition 😉
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Just stumbled across this. Communication is EVERYTHING "We all have an obligation to daydream. We have an obligation to imagine." http://bit.ly/2RlzIYb
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From Our Website

Finding and engaging new customers for your business has never been tougher. Markets are crowded, and to make matters worse every man and his dog is an expert that offers to help you navigate it (look, we're doing it right now!). We offer anyone that will listen a free 30 minute Skype Session where we are happy to offer our expertise and advice to help you solve your business growth challenges. If you hear things in our initial consultation that you'd like to take further, then we put together a proposal for you.

LTF have been shaping brand image for businesses since 2007. Whether a startup venture or well-established business, creating the right brand image for your business can mean the difference between success and failure. We have the skill and experience to not only craft your brand, but to elegantly deploy it through all of your digital and marketing assets. We offer anyone that will listen a free 30 minute Skype Session where we are happy to offer our expertise and advice to help you solve your business growth challenges.

We really do care about the success of our clients' businesses. Having built, grown and even sold successful businesses ourselves, we feel we also have a lot of value to bring to the table, over and above our fantastic design and digital services. We have grown our business around our core values, and by focusing on our brand promise: "because results matter". This means we are always focused on the same thing as you - a return on your investment with us. We don't sleep at night unless every one of our clients is making money from the work we've delivered for them.

Of course if you have a one off requirements, we can help. But our best results have always come from the clients that we work in partnership with for the long haul. We truly understand your business, you understand what we can do across a number of areas, and we work in collaboration to drive better results from your marketing. The market for design and digital marketing is changing before our very eyes. A plumber can now create a website in 5 minutes for 1 a month. We do our best work for people that are seeking more than that kind of approach can offer, and who are able to invest sensibly.