Kaisu are a design company based in Reigate, Surrey. We specialise in branding companies of all sizes, from sole traders to large business. Our aim is to create beautiful, affordable design for all.

Contact Details

  City Reigate
  Postcode RH2 7AN
  Address Millennium House
  Phone Number 017 3748 8062

Products & Services


Needless to say, Kaisu are pros when it comes to digital design technology. We use the latest software to bring you the top web trends.


We have an immense appreciation for all things paper (except papercuts, they’re the worst!) , and so we take our printing side very seriously. If you would like your company to have the best in affordable and high quality print, then look no further! Oh, and did we mention we print on literally everything?!

From Our Website

We are passionate about good design and believe simple, clear visual communication with a hint of sassiness is key to branding success. When not working on your fabulous project, you can find us drawing, making music and tinkering with a motorbike, however, it's more likely we are unwinding by playing some rad video games and watching Netflix. Yes, we are typical millennials. We have been doing this design thing since we could hold a crayon, and since we swapped out our Game Boys for Windows '95, we have been adapting to the latest design technology like some sort of Adobe ninja chameleon.

Social Media can be such a casual thing that you wouldn't think it could make or break your company. Don't panic, just let us streamline your business accounts and make sure you are well represented across the web. Pinpoint where users drop off in your conversion process and understand why your leads don't convert. Easily compare how different segments move through your funnel to identify your best and worst converting types of customers. Pay Per Click (PPC) is one of the most popular advertising models available online.