JM Graphic Design offers professional Web & Graphic Design in London, also enjoying projects with clients overseas. We specialise in full Brand/Corporate Identity, Logo Design, Bespoke Digital Illustration and web design services at very reasonable prices.

If the prospect of working closely along with a designer from conception through to completion of your project sounds appealing to you, we may be exactly what you're looking for. As a small company we're able to give the personal attention to each and every client that we feel is essential to produce satisfying results. We don't outsource any of our work, and you always speak personally to the designer throughout the project.

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Logo Design

It’s important to understand that a logo on its own is not a brand identity, just part of it. However when all the pieces of your identity come together, each piece should play it’s part to convey; Who your are, What you do & How you do it. All of which needs to convince a potential client or customer that they simply MUST work with you or purchase your product. It should leave them wanting more!

Think of your logo as the central, defining piece in your brand identity as a whole. Ensure it aligns visually with other elements of your branding and key messages in a cohesive and effective way.

Brand Identity Design

Achieving this effect is something which requires experience, extensive training in the way humans perceive things visually, research, sound strategy and an aptitude for developing exciting, bold concepts.

People fall in love with brands, trust them and invest in them emotionally. How your brand is perceived will affect its success.

Did a wonderful job with my website. I love the ability to edit my own text and images! Very pleased with the outcome and the journey to reach the outcome, a JM Graphic Design are a nice company to work with. Although they've given me the ability to update my own site, I hope to work with them as soon as I need something else.

Customer Testimonials

Jason was really helpful at helping me to create a logo for my new business. He was efficient and professional. He was already recommended to me by someone and I would be more than happy to do the same.

Jason came to the rescue on an urgent 'business card design and print' order for Big Apple Safety Ltd and Big Apple Virtual Support. His designs were impressive from the start and his customer service and communication skills are first class. Will definitely use JM Graphic Design in the future.

Professional, friendly and talented. Excellent range of creative ideas and ability to capture my thoughts and make them a reality. I am extremely happy with the end result, I would definitely recommend!

I have worked with Jason side by side for a few years. After noticing he has been a great professional to work with I decided to request his services for my brand. As a freelance photographer that brand turned out to be me and although it was not clear to me what I wanted to communicate about myself I was very impressed with both his pofessional skills in terms of listening to a client who is looking for guidance as well as being very creative and reassurant during the whole process. It was a great pleasure working with him at a personal level and made the task ahead very pleasent.

We have worked with Jason for many years, he is a true professional and has created branding & stunning websites for our Wedding, Corporate & Studio photography businesses.

I have received a very professional service. Jason listened to my ideas and with his advice and work he produced a great branding project for me. His professionalism paired with a friendly touch, made it easy for me to express my ideas and see them developed to the final product.


jm graphic design portfolio 2017

Portfolio of Graphic Designer Jason Miller, from
An overview of recent projects including logo design, branding, brand identity design, web design, responsive mobile friendly websites, packaging design, digital and print design for marketing.

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From Our Website

I'm passionate about design and enjoy working closely with many businesses in London and overseas, as the first point of contact for their brand identity design needs. This often includes creating and developing their branding, logo design, packaging & websites - crafted to appeal to their ideal clientele. My goal is to provide businesses with the tools they need to attract their ideal customers, & I find doing so immensely satisfying.

Graphic design service London may be something you are looking for. Such services can occasionally be too narrow for their own good. Companies and freelancers can box themselves into delivering one type of product. Perhaps they are brochure specialists, or they produce leaflets more than anything else. What happens if you want to take your branding and put it on another form of marketing? Taking it to another company can be as taxing as finding the right designer in the first place. So, why not find the ideal graphic design London agency that can do everything you need?

The effort is well worth the reward. I can work with you to create digital or print based adverts & promotions that will attract the right kind of attention & make your product or service appeal to the ideal target audience. The tone in which you communicate is of the utmost importance, and comes in more forms than ever before. Ensure your marketing material sets the right tone, and speaks to your potential or existing customers with a carefully crafted voice.

Graphic design London UK is pivotal for numerous small and medium-sized businesses across the capital. Marketing is often misunderstood as something that only larger businesses do properly when, really, all businesses must have a marketing strategy to survive. After all, if you don't get word out about your company, how do you expect to attract customers and grow your business? Marketing shouldn't be a dirty word, nor should it leave any business owner in a cold sweat. In fact, the entire process can be painless if you work alongside the best graphic design London professional, who understands your business and your target consumer base.

Websites should be attractive, intuitive and easy to navigate. In my opinion nothing creates a worse impression than an unattractive or cluttered website - no matter the business which lies behind it! Website is essentially the ‘front door' for your businesses, and without both a strong online presence and impressive website, you may soon find yourself unable to keep up with the competition. Get in touch to find out how creating an engaging, ‘design first' website can boost your brand.

Bespoke logo design London wide provides a variety of results. Some are excellent depictions of a brand identity while others are instantly forgettable. Naturally, you want your new logo to fall into the former category, but what are the elements which make a logo move from mediocre to great? Partnering with a quality graphic design London freelancer with a track record of delivering logos to clients can help your business branding and marketing make the leap and become brilliant. In order to know if a freelancer knows what they're talking about, though, you need to know what makes a good logo.