Being a young and vibrant graphic studio in the heart of London's West End, we thrive on delivering practical, innovative and successful design, web and print solutions time and time again. Specialists in the design, printing & web industry, we are easy to work with, take deadlines seriously and would love the opportunity to work with you on your company image, graphic and print requirements.

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  • Central London

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  City St James
  Postcode W1B 4BH
  Address 28 Heddon St
  Phone Number 020 7734 2221

From Our Website

We are down-to-earth, friendly, approachable and efficient. We offer an exceptional design service to clients in many sectors; we work with leading PR companies in London and national charities as well as corporate clients, startup businesses, schools and health providers. We are as versatile as our clients are varied. The core of our work is branding. We develop brands and then manage them for our clients. Applying branding to a full range of graphic design services, we produce graphic design work that is striking, on message and delivers results.

We are branding, graphic and web /digital design specialist based in Fitzrovia, London. We believe that each client is unique, and everything we do has a primary aim: to show our clients at their best. We exist to allow the beauty in others to shine.

Glazier Design was founded by Ben Glazier in 1998. With a background working in public relations with his father Tim, Ben saw that what many of the clients needed was powerful creative work seamlessly integrated into PR and advertising campaigns. Working with established luxury brands Geo F. Trumper, Hardy Amies, Richard Anderson and groups such as the Bond Street and Jermyn Street Associations, we quickly built up a portfolio of work for leading fashion and retail brands. As PR and graphic design changed with the development of new communication channels, so the need for clean, consistent design grew and grew.

We use the brand and identity we have created for you, or work to your existing brand guidelines, to create beautiful, practical designs that reflect your identity and communicate your message clearly. We have wrapped buildings in graphics, created three-dimensional press kits to woo journalists, we have even created a virtual store, complete with virtual stock; but to be a little more down-to-earth, we design what you need - business cards, corporate literature, press kits, exhibition graphics, packaging, annual reports and promotional materials.

We understand print and how to get the most stunning effects. Print is now of such a high perceived value that it has become the tool of choice for customers wanting to stand out from the crowd. When we create your design projects, from the first concepts through to finished designs, we take into account how the finished article will be printed; how many inks, how many colours, how the stock will affect your branding, how much it will cost to run special colours and effects - we take all these into account throughout the process.

Your logo is the most recognisable part of your business image. An effective logo is clear and appropriate; it is also contemporary and relevant to the market. A logo is often the first thing a customer becomes familiar with and, for a new business, the first impression a customer receives is crucial to how the business is perceived. Established companies that have a long-standing tradition and heritage need to remain relevant and attractive to their customers. Having dealt with companies that pride themselves on decades or even centuries of success, we have the experience to incorporate contemporary relevance into a brand whilst respecting tradition and heritage.

Your brand is more than just a logo, it is everything that the world sees of you - you can define it and with our help, perfect it. Your brand could consist of just a logo, font and colour, but for most companies it is a lot more than that. Your brand incorporates your voice, your attitude, every visual aspect of your appearance - it is a sum where the whole is definitely greater than the constituent parts. Is it difficult? For you, no. It can be a great experience finding out more about yourself - we hope that as part of the process we will help you to uncover things about you, your company and the way people see you, that you didn't know.