Doublespark is a web design and specialist SEO agency based near Cambridge, UK. We have been providing highly regarded design and optimisation services to organisations since 2005.

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  City Cambridge
  Postcode CB1 1BH
  Address Wellington House, East Road
  Phone Number 012 2358 1305

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They exceeded our expectations. We felt Gary and the team gave us their full attention and responded to our requests with enthusiasm, obvious skill and efficiency. They managed to get our chosen keywords to position one in the page rankings which has given us a significant number of quality enquiries.

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Gary and his team manage a six figure annual internet marketing budget for us, services provided include PPC, brand management and SEO. Thanks to all their expert help, they have turned us from a manufacturer in to an internet success, we are very happy to work with them in the future.

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Our team of experts will help you reach out and connect with your target market BETTER than your competitors. Let's
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From Our Website

We are so confident that we can help you grow your business incrementally every month, that unlike almost every other UK agencies we will not ask you to sign a contract. The results we deliver every month will be enough to ensure our partnership is long-term. We cover the full range of digital marketing services and Google Analytical solutions, visit our contact page to get in touch. With combined marketing experience spanning more than 50 years, at Doublespark we know how to deliver results. All our recommendations and work are designed to ensure our clients meet their specific goals, as determined in conjunction with our team at the start of the project.

That means walking the fine line between brand consistency and evolution. You need to keep up to date with modern trends and evolve to meet the needs of the digital world. But you can also never stray too far from your core branding message. So, you need to know and understand your brand inside out. Our team of consultants can help you to connect with your brand and find out how it can influence your clients and affect your success. We'll study the competition and mine the data to figure out how well your brand is working and what more you could be doing to build the branding message.

Pay per click, or PPC, is all about generating a reliable stream of leads and interest for your business. It aims to develop targeted advertising for a designated demographic. And you only pay the network when someone clicks through to your site, which makes it a very efficient way to advertise. It's the quickest way to get traffic on your site and you get to specify how much you are willing to pay for a click. Plus, by using selected keywords, it's very easy to track what is working. If you're looking to change your PPC agency, Doublespark can offer a comprehensive management service.

We'll compile a list of relevant keywords and set up detailed daily/weekly/monthly reporting to monitor progress. We also look at the user experience and address ways of making this better. This includes studying how conversion rates could be improved with an enhanced design. Once you site is fully optimised you will need to start a process of link acquisition, to achive the rankings required to beat your competition. We'll produce (and share with you) detailled daily, weekly and monthly performance reports for all KPIs, and then we will make any necessary changes to boost your results.