DJ STUDIO graphic design is a creative computer graphics studio. We provide inclusive services for companies, websites and individual clients in terms of graphic design, branding, corporate identity, advertising and promotion on the Web. We have many years of international experience supported by many certificates and references. We treat each of our customers and orders individually, we do not limit ourselves to templates. Just like the global reach of the Internet, we also do not limit ourselves territorially and provide our services both at home and abroad.

We specialize in:

raster and vector graphic design;
creating the corporate identity of companies and Internet services (logo/logotype, business cards, letterhead, and advertising materials);
design of websites, discussion forums and all kinds of commercial graphics 2D;
positioning and promoting websites (SEO/SEM);
computer processing and retouch of photos;
administration and management of websites;
Google and social media advertising campaigns;

Legendary American designer Milton Glaser, best known for creating the I Love New York logo, was saying:

“There are three responses to a piece of design—yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.”

In my work and projects, I try to follow these words and get to the above mentioned WOW effect!

Terms and conditions:

I am open and not limit myself to any template, so all orders are treated individually, and the price and their implementation is dependent on the project. I don't have rigidly defined price-list. Terms and Conditions of each of the collaboration I leave to establish before starting. Free quote and preparation of the preliminary draft demo. I encourage you to contact me, if you are interested in cooperation, or if you have any questions concerning the offer and valuation. I prefer the remote execution of orders, there is of course the possibility of personal contact to determine the terms of possible cooperation. I cooperate/cooperated with many websites and companies in terms of computer graphics and promotion on the Web. In my CV there is, among others, founding/co-founding the biggest Polish websites associating the Juventus F.C. and Boston Celtics’ supporters. In my portfolio I presents selected projects and my designed by myself projects.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Graphic design
  • Corporate identity
  • Logo and branding
  • Web design
  • Seo
  • Photography

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • European EITCA certification of computer graphics EITCA Academy
  • Certification of Information Technology Microsoft IT Academy

Payment Options

  • PayPal

Contact Details

  Person Damian Jakuubik
  City Southampton
  Postcode SO16 3BA
  Address 355 Burgess Road
  Phone Number 07856855946

Business Representative

Damian Jakuubik


Products & Services

Graphic Design Crawley

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Graphic Design Crawley

The basis for effective advertising and promotion are well prepared graphic designs that catch the eye, they leave the impression and memorable of our potential customers. The first contact usually determines whether we get the customer or not, so I always try to prepare a project targeted to the effect. I prepare my projects with attention and focus on the smallest detail by combining originality with functionality and aesthetics with communicative.

I prepare all kinds of graphic designs which advertising medium, a form of presentation or documentation:

logo and corporate identity elements;
signs and information boards;
prints on T-shirts;
multimedia presentations;

Logo design Crawley

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Logo design Crawley

What is corporate identity

Graphic image of a company is an integral part of a corporate image, which influences its identity and its perception by the public and the contractors. A corporate identity determines the market value of the company and the product, while skillful management is the foundation of the occurrence and success on the market. The way how Your company will be perceived by the customers and contractors depends, to a great extent, on the visual identification system. So what is it and why is it so important in creating a company's image on the market? The concept of corporate visual identity defines the entirety of symbols and behaviors used in the company that aim at creating consistent identity and brand distinction on the market. People, in majority, are visualizers, and that is why what they can see has frequently a greater impact on the perception of the company/product than what, even the best, sales representative can present.

A company without a logo is like a man without a face

The most important visual element of company identification is its trademark or logo/logotype. It is the basis for all the visual identity, it symbolizes everything what is the company/product now, and what it will be in the future. The logo, in order to fulfill its functions, should be designed in an industrious and careful manner, should be faithfully reproduced in various printing techniques and scales regardless of whether it is displayed on a business card or on an airplane.

A logo/logotype consists the foundation for the further process of a whole identification, it is the basis for creating other elements, such as: business cards, letterhead, forms, folders, signs and other recordable media ads.

A unified visual identification system based on the elements such as logotype, color and typography creates the style by which the company or product will be identified. It inspires trust among the customers and counterparties, which contributes directly to the formation of brand on the market. The basic goals of visual identification include: drawing interest, attracting attention, differentiating from the competition, originality and attracting customers. Visual identification should be carried out in an industrialized way, conforming to the characteristics of the company, being original and attentive, it should also shape and perpetuate the positive impression.

I can prepare for you followed elements of corporate identity:

business cards;
papers and letterheads;
folders and leaflets ;
materials for public relations;
banners and information signs;
covers for CD/DVD;

Responsive Websites Crawley

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Responsive Websites Crawley

Nowadays, having a website is one of the basic elements of the success of every economic activity. A website serves as a means to establish contacts with clients, therefore it is worthwhile having an original and attractive website. I would readily meet the challenge of creating the layout of your website. There is also a possibility of implement it, configuration and install on the server. I am also looking forward to cooperating with you in its further administration and SEO.

To design most of the websites I use Joomla! system which is the best and most popular CMS (content management system) available on the market. CMS has its own administrative panel which also allows great opportunities for self-change content, add and edit text, images, bookmarks, and the extension side with additional modules and extensions.

A website can be also writen without the use admin panel and CMS, but only on the basis of HTML/CSS. In this case we are talking mainly about simply website - business card with a number of the pages. Such a website does not have its own control panel.

For every order and project I approach individually, I don't limit myself to templates and layouts. Before taking out any order I prepare a concrete offer and pricing with all requirements and details on the basis of prior consultation with the client.

Why Me? Choosing my offer you will receive:

unique graphic web design matched to the characteristics of your business and current trends;
website designed according to the prevailing network standards and programming languages;
website optimized for search engines (SEO) ;
website integrated with social networks like Facebook and G +;
domain registration in your name and install hand on an individual server, that price a domain and hosting included in the service, I take care of formalities, you will receive a ready and complete product;
care and support in the management and editing site or a permanent administration party and/or the positioning of SEO (conditions to be determined) ;

Seo And Positioning Crawley

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Seo And Positioning Crawley

The dynamic development of the Internet and its massive range has caused that it has become an ideal tool for advertising and promotion. In today’s increasing implementation of IT solutions in the World and society, the possibilities offered by the Internet are enormous, and the skillful use of it should be an important part of the marketing activity of every modern and successful business, both for those who have existed on the market for many years and for those, who take their first steps in the business. Just owning a website does not guarantee success, the real art is its promotion through effective use of the Internet marketing elements, especially SEO positioning.

What exactly is Internet marketing in search engines?

In short, referred to as SEM (English: Search Engine Marketing) , is a set of activities aimed at improving access and the popularity of a website in the search engines. Among many processes within the SEM there are two essential elements: PPC (Pay Per Click) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) . What do we mean by these terms? PPC (Pay Per Click) – this is a form of advertising (most often in the form of a banner or link) for which, as literally understood, an advertiser pays per click, and not for its displaying. PPC is primarily identified with the paid search results, these are the links most often tagged as sponsored links (usually highlighting with a lighter background or border) that appear at the top of the list of results for that phrase or keyword.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - this is a series of activities and processes that optimize the web pages in such a way that they reach the highest positions in search engine rankings. In the industry, we most often come across the term positioning and optimization of websites. It is precisely positioning that is considered to be the most significant and most effective form of promotion on the Internet. If you have ever considered, why the web sites of the competing companies (perhaps existing on the market shorter than yours) appear on the first positions in search engine results, and your web site is not even in the top ten (or worse, it is not even indexed) ? Yes, this is the effect of SEO campaigns and positioning.

So what is positioning?

As you have probably noticed having a website and adding it to the Google catalog and other search engines is not a guarantee of success in the network. If you have ever considered, why the web sites of the competing companies (perhaps existing on the market shorter than yours) appear on the first positions in search engine results, and your web site is not even in the top ten (or worse, it is not even indexed) ? Yes, this is the effect of SEO campaigns and positioning.
Why SEO is important?

Not without a reason, it is precisely positioning, which is considered to be the most important and the most effective form of online promotion. According to the latest research, 70-80% of the potential customers hit on our website by Google. Lack of presence in Google search results or ignoring positioning limits the possibility of reaching the widest possible group of the recipients on the Web, and thus it reduces the possibility of maximizing the profits of an enterprise. .

Thanks to positioning the website with the use of the selected phrases, we are sure that the users who reach it will be our target group. In other words, a user who reaches our website by typing in the search engine for eg "page design" will be aware of it, taking into account the specific product/service that he/she is interested in.

The presence of a page on Google and its high search position result in additional benefits such as increased credibility and prestige. If something is not on the Internet, it does not exist - it is quite a popular slogan, although perfectly reflecting the essence and positioning sense.

Audit and optimization

The next, but very important if not the most important, element in the positioning of a website is its optimization. What do we mean by website optimization? This is a series of actions aimed at improving website's performance both for visibility for search engines as well as transparency, navigation and usability for our visitors.

Digital Photography Crawley

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Digital Photography Crawley

Even photos taken with the best camera may not meet our expectations. Thanks to a proper computer processing and some modifications almost every photo may be improved. Photos can be retouched and processed: brightness/contrast adjustment, colour/saturation adjustment, cropping, perspective, changes of the background, adding frames, adding special effects, adding water marks, creating composite photographs, and many more.

I retouch and process among professional photos to:

publication on the Web (for websites and social media) ;
all kind of promotional materials;
presentation of products at online stores and auction type of Ebay;
preparation of materials for printing;
multimedia presentations, albums, portfolios, etc.

Customer Testimonials

Great work, full of professionalism, great contact bravo!!!


dj studio - graphic design, corporate identity, seo

dj studio - graphic design, corporate identity, branding, logo, seo, crawley, damian jakubik

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