Local Bath based graphic designer with 13 years experience in the creative industry, I have worked permanently as a senior for nearly 6 years and now freelance for various B2B/B2C agencies in the South West. However, I am looking to expand my roster of agencies in the area and would be pleased if you will consider using my services. If you require cover for busy periods, pitch work or holidays, then I can help you on or off site.

Serviced Areas

  • Bath, Bristol, Swindon, London & Birmingham.

Contact Details

  City Bristol
  Postcode BA1 3HG
  Address Garden Studio, 105 Newbridge Road
  Phone Number 077 8853 5208

Products & Services

Logo design and branding

Every encounter with any customer begins with a logo and the design is very important, it has to reflect the basic integrity of a business, it has to showcase the businesses ideals and aspirations for itself and that of it’s customers, and in some case can make or break a business as it can symbolise weaknesses as well as strengths.

We at Design Intellect understand the importance of evolving your ideas for your company image into a brand that is emblematic of your business, we will commit ourselves into researching your company values, it’s business sector and where you will be placed within it to create a bespoke logo that has a perfected, spot-on design that will empower your brand to aim higher than the competition.

Whether you need a logo for a new venture or want to revive an old brand with a bit of design evolution, our logo designers have just the right branding skills and ability to present your company with the correct logo design it should have, one hopefully iconic enough to become a legendary brand.

Social Activity

We've just redesigned our website and it's now live: https://t.co/oiBN9YQZgv
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From Our Website

Our design solutions are the result of analytical reasoning of a clients' organisation, sector, aims and ambition. We apply the same level of creativity, attention to detail and passion on design projects regardless of client. We love working with businesses to help bring their marketing communications to life, drive growth and deliver beautiful thought-provoking design solutions with the perfect blend of creativity and effectiveness.

Our mantra is 'Design with grey matter' but we aren't just about using the grey stuff, we have fun doing what we do and we want you to enjoy partnering with us on your design projects. We are a nimble graphic design agency (AKA not that big) and we like it that way as we are agile and fill a niche in the market - providing down-to-earth service and high quality design at competitive rates. As a compact agency, we are contactable, approachable and most importantly we work hard to create the best design we can for your business.

We offer print advertising design services as it's still a highly effective way to highlight your business to the world and to drive brand awareness, business leads and direct sales. We'd like to think that the words and pictures in our designs combine into compelling viewing to entice targeted consumers in a relevant way that is effective in reaching a large portion of your customer base. Some marketeers think that 'print is dying' but just take a look at any magazine section in a shop and you'll realise it's far from dead.

Welcome to our list of 50 of the top award winning design agencies in the UK. Check them out for inspiration, there may be a specific type of design agency you are looking for. This list of recommended design agencies pack a huge amount of creative punch between them, the tally was conceived and composed to showcase the best of talent in the UK. All entries are alphabetically listed and not ranked in anyway against each other. The imaginative design agencies illustrated are hand picked from thousands of others from global awards networks, written up with a concise synopsis for you.

We all know that AKQA are one of the UK best digital agencies and indeed probably the best in the world but what have they won (or haven't they won). AllofUs is an award winning interactive design and user-experience agency specialising in multi-platform product and service creation for the inter-connected age. They aim to improve the way clients and audiences connect by realising the potential of intelligent user-experience design, across an ever-expanding ecosystem of media, platforms, physical objects and environments.

We are a creative agency that enjoys our work and everything we do, our portfolio is our shop window - so here are just a few slected examples from a collection of designs that we've had the pleasure of working on. The ones chosen certainly can't depict all of the thinking and strategy that goes on behind the scenes to ensure our clients communications are effectively targeted - but it does give you a general idea of the of results we have produced. A combination of beautiful design, innovative solutions, brands that connect, insightful marketing, and mindful experiences - all created to influence audiences and empower your business.

Packaging design is one of our favourite projects we like to work on at Design Intellect. It can bring a combination of branding, illustration, photography and typography together on a 3D structure, although generally not all at once though as every packaging design is as unique as the product it contains. We are equally happy to take on both food and non-food packaging products and like to create creative and functional packaging, no more happier when making a mess working out some structural cardboard engineering design solution.

Marketing is the heartbeat of any business. As a marketing professional you'll already know the marketing side of your business like the back of your hand and we won't tell you how to do your job - that's not our skill, it's yours. Our mission is to be your in-house design agency and offer 'design for marketing' as a service to you. Sure we might make a suggestion or drop the odd idea, but that's it. You have created a marketing strategy, we have the visual skills to convey those ideas into form.