At Crayfish Design we help organisations to visually communicate who they are, what they do and how they do it better than the rest. We do this through brand development, message simplification and inspirational promotional literature whether electronic or printed. We promote your business using strategic, high quality graphic design.

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Products & Services

Brand and corporate ID

Whether an organisation requires a new logo or an entire makeover, we have the energy and expertise to apply an impactful and consistent brand across a myriad of media.

A strong brand invariably centres around a logo or mark to represent a company, service or product. From that point onwards, it really is a case of determining how best your particular brand should evolve in defining a template for all future communications.

Brochures and Leaflets

From vivid flyers or stunning promotional brochures, to detailed and informative annual reports we can enhance documents through a combination of engaging design and if required, sophisticated production techniques.

Understanding who your target audience is and the key messages you are trying to project, is a fundamental part of creating good literature.

Digital Communications

Enabling organisations of any size to access a wider audience through a more tailored marketing experience. A fully scalable and controllable promotional medium.

Digital communications enable you to react quickly to changes in your industry’s trends and adapt your message accordingly, allowing your marketing team to invest more time in following up genuine leads.


‘Web presence’ is a commonly coined term, but is your site conveying the right signals? When is the last time you took a look at the competition and is your site living up to the demands of its users?

An effective website should be far more than a means of establishing your arrival on the internet. When given the proper consideration a website can provide the tools to educate prospects, generate leads and convert sales.

From Our Website

When the competition is on the doorstep and clamouring for attention, a carefully orchestrated pitch can tip the balance in your favour. At Crayfish we can create dynamic design that can be adapted and applied to variety of stand technologies. And to ensure that you have confidence in the finished product we can generate a 3-dimensional preview of how it will look before it goes to full production. Crayfish are a responsive and thoughtful design partner. As a small but experienced management consultancy, and with a marketing background myself, I felt it was vital to have a corporate identity which reflected our values and gave an instant impression of what Zenobia Consulting is like to work with.

Whether your organisation requires an identity refresh or an entire brand makeover, we have the expertise to apply an impactful brand philosophy that ensures consistency throughout every aspect of your marketing and communications activity. A strong brand can pivot on multiple components including the logo, imagery, colour palettes, tone-of-voice and much, much more. At Crayfish we strive to support you via a diligent response to your specific needs and constraints, analysing your brand at each relevant touchpoint and determining the best way forward.

Here at Crayfish Design we appreciate that each of our customers has a unique set of requirements. This fact is something that we embrace when engaging with our customers, allowing us the chance to keep our solutions fresh and giving you the added value of receiving a service that is truly bespoke.