We are a small 2 Director Design agency established since 2001.
We started out in 2001 as a graphic design agency working for local businesses and large public sector organisations like the NHS, Coventry Council and our biggest ever client BECTA a government agency for promoting ICT in secondary and further education. We created Branding , branding guidelines as well as a whole host of printed marketing literature including printed brochures, catalogues and sales packs. For the last 15 years we have been designing websites as well and now offer a full service covering digital marketing.
So although we are small what ever you might need we can almost guarantee will have already produced it.

Being small means we are highly flexible and serve our customers quickly. Because we have Branded and marketed many companies and organisations we have a lot of experience and advice that we can offer to our customers.

You can be assured of the level of service and quality of our design and marketing whatever the requirement is.
Surely you would like to work with someone with a great track record rather than someone who hasn’t?

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Branding, brochure and publications specialist , design and print of all marketing materials

Serviced Areas

  • Coventry, Kenilworth, Nuneaton, Leamington Spa, Warwick, Solihull, Rugby, Warwickshire

Payment Options

  • Bank transfer

Contact Details

  Person Paul
  City Coventry
  Postcode CV5 8HW
  Address 565 Holyhead Road
  Phone Number 024 7660 1351

Business Representative


I have over 20 years in helping to market and promote business.

My experience has come through helping to Brand companies and market them through design of print communications and advertising campaigns and on the web through Digital marketing.

My experience has covered dealing with start up businesses through to Director level of national companies.
I have also worked with many public sector organisations in delivering print communications for specific projects.

I have worked on marketing projects ranging from a few hundred pounds in value to £90000 which was a national campaign to promote ICT in secondary education and covered many marketing mediums.

My background was in designing value for money print communications but over time has become more involved in the web and Digital marketing.

I am the first point of Contact with my business Core Design Communications Ltd.
I will meet with a client and do any research at the planning stage.

Depending on what amount of involvement that is required I then arrange and manage the work liaising with my co director through the required design stages.

Products & Services

Whether it’s graphic design for a logo, graphic design for stationery items, or for other print items like brochures, newsletters or custom designed websites.

The graphic design element can help differentiate your business to others by having things designed specifically for you. There are lots of online services that uses a template for say a logo, business card design and even website design. But why would you want to look the same as thousands of other companies?

Having a good online presence through a good website is always a must but having creative and well designed printed items can make the difference between gaining a customer or not.

Because the corporate brand is a company’s most important asset whatever their size, the process of branding provides the direction, inspiration and energy for the business itself. Branding also influences the organization’s name, identity, logo, stationery, web site, visual expression, philosophy and corporate culture… just about everything the company stands for, all the way down to the look of its facilities and the behaviour of its employees.

With that said to succeed in branding you must understand the needs and wants of your customers and prospects. You do this by integrating your brand strategies through your company at every point of contact which then makes them feel you are the only supplier of goods or services for them.

Branding can be subjective, can be personal, can be sometimes intangible and can be time consuming. For these reasons some business ignore the process however many huge successful businesses understand the relevance and rebrand themselves regularly when they think they have slipped and are not relevant to their customers as much as before.

Our website design service is possibly the best advertising medium you have for a business. So if it is, doesn’t it make sense to have it planned, designed and built exactly how you want. It really is bad economics not investing enough money into your website design.

Putting a bit more time and effort into your website will reap the rewards that you want.

For example if a website lasts for 5 years, spending a bit more at the outset and getting a website that brings in business makes economic sense because it will pay for itself year after year.

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