We love design, technology and gadgets, but our real passion is to communicate. We get our kicks talking to you, listening to your ideas and aspirations, then helping you turn them into reality. We make sure that every project we take on is focused entirely on the results you want to achieve. Then we deliver. On time. Within budget. Guaranteed.

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Using Clear & Creative has been the single most important business decision I ever made. Without Simon and Alessandra I wouldn't have a brand. If I hadn't listened to Simon and gone with his advice my firm would not have grown to a 2 office 14 staff member enterprise in just a few years! I highly recommend the team at Clear and Creative for branding and specific marketing projects, as well as website design.

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A customer is a person who purchases a commodity or service. A client is a person who is under the protection of another - Jay Abraham
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In that time I've met hundreds of business owners who find themselves working longer hours for diminishing returns, frequently feeling that the only way to get the job is to cut the price. They feel totally demoralised and trapped by the situation - even if they're busy they know they're not getting paid enough. Often, these people are real experts in their sector with huge resources of knowledge and experience, but lack the confidence and know-how to reposition themselves and find the kind of clients who recognise their worth and pay them accordingly.

We listen to what you want to achieve, then give a fixed-price quotation so you know exactly what you'll be paying before we start. We work with you to make sure that our creative ideas represent your product or service in a way that's congruent with your brand values and irresistible to your customers. We specialise in branding and brand positioning for professional service businesses who want to grow. We design and build beautiful CMS-based websites, so you can control your web presence without unnecessary ongoing costs.

Simon has worked in advertising and marketing longer than he's prepared to admit, and founded Clear & Creative in 1995. He moonlights as a Rock Star, Snowboarder and 17th Century Pikeman. It's Susie's job to describe how awesome your business is and why. She's also a postgrad semiconductor physicist, so she's great at writing techie stuff too. In her spare time she lifts weights and does martial arts. Deirdr keeps your project (and all of us) on track, and with a long background in publishing and design she also has ninja-skills in proof-reading, and understands the Oxford comma.

The team at Aspire Oxford asked us to design branding and marketing for their amazing ‘Place at the Table' campaign. We're keen supporters of their work, and have helped them before - designing the Oxford Job Fair marketing and Accumulator Challenge marketing, so we were excited to work with them again! A Place at The Table is a festive appeal to offer hot food, company and long-term support to the homeless and disadvantaged this winter. We designed the logo to work for all seasons, communicating a welcoming shelter - ‘a place at the table just for you'.

OK, you've got your brand and you have your visual identity (if not, go here - there's no point spending money on marketing communications without a brand and a strategy!). This is where your brand goes out and meets your customers, so it's important to get it right. Living your brand values is your responsibility, but your printed marketing communications need to be on brand and on message if you're going to achieve the consistent customer experience that positions you as the experts in your field.

We've all heard the saying, "If you don't plan for the future, you get the future that shows up." Well, if you don't create a clear market position for your business, the market will create one for you. Too many companies have settled for ‘Accidental Branding', and find themselves offering ‘me too' messages to an undefined market. Big consumer brands can compete on price and still make money for their shareholders. But for smaller, professional service-based businesses, competing on price traps you into a soul-destroying downward spiral - leaving you working harder, longer hours for less profit when you know you're worth more.

To sum up, John was initially thinking of a website as being the online equivalent of a poster in a shop window. Our Brand Clarity Clinic process really challenged him to up his game. It took him a few months of struggling alone before realising that using Clear & Creative Communications for his branding and deliverables could transform his business model and make it easier for him to make a lot more money. And he was exactly right.