AnsteyDesign is a creative graphic design studio based in the market town of Alton, Hampshire.

Our services include:

Company branding and identity. This includes, but doesn't stop at, logo, business card and stationary design. During an initial design consultation we will seek to get to know your business and will help to identify your 'USP' (if you don't already have one!). We will then work closely with you to ensure that the designs we produce say what you want and need them to say about your business.

Website design and hosting. Not only can we design websites to your specifications, but we can build and host them as well.

Internal employee communications. Marketing your business to your customer is vital, and most businesses do this regularly. However, where most companies slip up is in the field of internal employee communications. In reality this is perhaps even more important than external marketing as poor internal employee communication can lead to an unsatisfied workforce. This is where we can help. We have experience in internal employee communications and running complex campaigns with excellent results, particularly in the field of employee benefits.

Marketing. Although marketing is something that most businesses do, it isn't the easiest thing to tackle. We have experience in this field and can help!

Serviced Areas

  • UK

Contact Details

  City Alton
  Postcode GU34 2LZ
  Address Kings View
  Phone Number 014 2054 2671