AnsteyDesign is a creative graphic design studio based in the market town of Alton, Hampshire.

Our services include:

Company branding and identity. This includes, but doesn't stop at, logo, business card and stationary design. During an initial design consultation we will seek to get to know your business and will help to identify your 'USP' (if you don't already have one!). We will then work closely with you to ensure that the designs we produce say what you want and need them to say about your business.

Website design and hosting. Not only can we design websites to your specifications, but we can build and host them as well.

Internal employee communications. Marketing your business to your customer is vital, and most businesses do this regularly. However, where most companies slip up is in the field of internal employee communications. In reality this is perhaps even more important than external marketing as poor internal employee communication can lead to an unsatisfied workforce. This is where we can help. We have experience in internal employee communications and running complex campaigns with excellent results, particularly in the field of employee benefits.

Marketing. Although marketing is something that most businesses do, it isn't the easiest thing to tackle. We have experience in this field and can help!

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  City Alton
  Postcode GU34 2LZ
  Address Kings View
  Phone Number 014 2054 2671

Products & Services


At AnsteyDesign we work with our clients to help them communicate both in print and on the web. Here are some of our core services:

Advertising (graphic design for posters, brochures, adverts etc)
Business branding (graphic design for logos, business cards etc)
Marketing campaigns (communication strategies and direct marketing)

Internal employee campaigns (bespoke internal communication strategies)

Website Design and website build (bespoke static and ecommerce sites)
Search engine optimisation (keyword generation, link building, Social media)
Content management system (intrigating CMS to your website)

Customer Testimonials

AnsteyDesign has closely worked with us over the last few months as we have sought to rebrand our school and update our image. They took the time to get to know the school well before developing an individual marketing strategy which we implemented in just a few months. Their friendly, but professional approach meant that they quickly became part of the school team.

AnsteyDesign kept to the challenging deadlines in order to meet our launch date and we have been delighted that we are now in a good position to market to the incoming Year 5 and 6 families. We have been very pleased so far with the feedback from parents, the community, staff and pupils.

AnsteyDesign converted my Heath Robinson graphic proposals for Whirred Play and Annets Entertainment Ltd into world class graphics, which not only convey quality, fun and apporpriate positioning, but are also highly regarded by more seasoned professionals than me in the Toy and Game world.

This coupled with an excellent working manner and great value for money means I would recommend AnsteyDesign to anyone looking for quality graphics solutions.

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From Our Website

AnsteyDesign is a creative marketing and graphic design consultancy. We have the skills and experience to develop and run marketing and internal communication campaigns that are tailored to your needs, and meet your objectives. Additionally, we also specialise in the development of bespoke websites, search engine optimisation and setting up and maintaining social media accounts. Of course, if you're simply after a new brochure, business brand or newsletter then our design experts are only too happy to help.